Sky High Learning Helping struggling Learners Reach Success

Sky High Learning

“For far too long teachers have concentrated upon the psychological problems of the child, or the socio-economic environment, instead of asking the question, does the child have the equipment which he needs to succeed at the educational level asked of him and the methods imposed on him?” ~ Sally Goddard-Blythe

Sky High Learning

Sky High Learning helps struggling learners reach success by addressing the foundational causes of learning challenges.

Sky High Learning also educates and consults with organizations to incorporate developmental movement into their programmes.

Building a strong foundation

We need to be neurodevelopmentally ready for learning. Being successful at school requires that the foundational blocks for learning are developed and strong.

Our bodies can demonstrate if our brains are mature and, by moving our bodies, we can mature our brains.

By exploring and strengthening developmental movement patterns, primitive reflexes, and perceptual deficits we can build a stronger foundation.

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